Journey of a woodworker. Wooden signs, boxes, & other adventures.

Hello, my name is Andrew Wilkerson and welcome to my blog. It’s been an exciting decade for me and I feel I have a lot to share so I thought I’d start a blog, even if only for my own record. I will try to make it interesting reading for customers and others who may click through from my website as well.

I welcome any comments or ideas, even if you aren’t interested in woodworking I’m happy to hear your thoughts on any subject.

I plan to use this little space of the web to talk about the work I do and the business I run – Australian Workshop Creations which is a website I started online in 2004 and have been busy woodworking ever since.

By 2015 my website was long over due for an upgrade although it had served me well as more and more people turn to the web to find products made from wood.

It hasn’t been easy, I still remember the early days trying to explain to people that my customers come from the internet, this was still a relativity new concept for business in Australia back in 2004 and at first it was quite difficult to get people to even look online for my website let alone buy anything.

Slowly over the years online shopping has become much more popular as we all know. People now search online for Wooden Signs and Wooden Boxes, these are the main areas of my woodworking business although I have made all kinds of things for customers as the requests for custom made items increased.  I will be sharing some of these projects on my other blog.

I’m also running an Etsy Shop now as an outlet for the smaller sustainable wood products made from offcuts either from my workshop or the mill here in Heyfield.

My Etsy Shop
where you can find the smaller woodwork items I create from sustainable off cuts from the local mill, my own workshop and reclaimed timber wherever I can find it.

Thank you for reading and please check back often if you are interested in woodworking, working with hand tools, trees and the environment, sustainable living or starting your own small business.

Do you own and run a small business online?
Are you just getting started and need some help?

I’m a bit of a geek although I do struggle with the advances in tech, especially when I’ve had my head down woodworking, I have fallen behind a little so don’t ask me anything too complex but I’m always happy to help or give advice to other small business owners where I can.  Together we can keep up!

Please contact me through my website email or contact form rather than leaving comments here as I don’t check this very often.

Andrew Wilkerson

The Box in a fence post Post?

Well, I think that title is a bit hard to roll of the tongue but I guess it describes this well…

This should take you through to a slide show where you can see my process in creating a wooden box from an old Red Gum fence post using hand tools.

Hopefully it works, the pictures are quite large so it may take a while to load but it’s worth it I hope!

It’s an ‘old post’ that I put on G+ a while ago.

Old Post of an Old Post….. hmm.. maybe I should change that title again!

This is the kind of story I want to show on this blog, I will go into the history of my woodworking business and describe the process involved in making with simple hand tools and why these skills are still important to learn in a world so reliant on machines. I hope you enjoy.