The Box in a fence post Post?

Well, I think that title is a bit hard to roll of the tongue but I guess it describes this well…

This should take you through to a slide show where you can see my process in creating a wooden box from an old Red Gum fence post using hand tools.

Hopefully it works, the pictures are quite large so it may take a while to load but it’s worth it I hope!

It’s an ‘old post’ that I put on G+ a while ago.

Old Post of an Old Post….. hmm.. maybe I should change that title again!

This is the kind of story I want to show on this blog, I will go into the history of my woodworking business and describe the process involved in making with simple hand tools and why these skills are still important to learn in a world so reliant on machines. I hope you enjoy.


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Woodworker - Australian Workshop Creations Previous employment in electronics and locksmithing

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